Monday, March 7, 2011


Bangles are an ornament worn by women on regular basis with respect to the socio-religious customs prevailing in the society. “Bangle” a hard ring-shaped bracelet is originated from bangri, a word from Hindi language in 17th century. No women can resist the lure of an attractive pair of bangles and bracelets appear on their wish list. Since childhood girls have the hobby of bangle collection. They choose matching bangles that suit or match different costumes. Bangles come in various styles, colors and shades. Though the traditional Indian Bangles were made of ivory, silver, lac, wood, glass, metals, with the passage of time, these are now made from a variety of materials. Nowadays common types of bangles found in the market include gold bangles, metal bangles, glass bangles, plastic bangles and many more. Plastic bangles may be durable, pocket-friendly and have comfort level to wear; glass bangles adorn the wrist with grace and elegance and make music to ears. These bangles evoke a gorgeous Indian look. Gold bangles have extravagant look. As gold is soft, it is alloyed mostly with copper so that it can easily be shaped, carved and chiseled to make different designs. Gold and other metal bangles come with diamond or gems studded in them. Gold bangles are sold by weight and all others by dozens or in pairs. The size of the bangle is determined by its diameter. Width of bangles can be from few millimeters to few centimeters. Usually, less width glass or plastic bangles are bought in dozens and are worn with color combinations and/or with gold bangles. In most communities, bangles are offered to Goddess and also exchanged with married ladies during special festival and occasions. Bangle giving ceremony is common for pregnant ladies, mostly performed by her parents and in-laws during baby shower.
Having talked about bangles, you can guess bangles are foremost in my jewelry list and that too colored glass bangles (that was my Valentine’s Day gift this year from my husband). I can shop glass bangles with different colors and new designs popping in the market, more often than gold bangles. I like to compare colored glass bangles to flowers they both look colorful, flowers fade, bangles break easily. They are beautiful, affordable and good excuse for shopping. I can’t imagine my hand without bangles.

"The earth is like a beautiful bride who needs no man-made jewels to heighten her loveliness." 
-Kahlil Gibran

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