Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Doctor's Day!

For a change we can prescribe all the doctors, a day full of smiles on Doctor's day.
This is a forwarded message from my inbox, thanking all the doctors for their service.

Somebody asked “You’re a doctor? How much do you make?”
I replied: “HOW MUCH DO I MAKE”
I can make holding your hand seem like the most important thing in the world when you’re scared ….
I can make your child breathe when they stop
I can help your father survive a heart attack
I can make myself get up at 4 am to make sure your mother has the medicine she needs to live…  and I will work straight through until 4 am to keep her alive and start the day all over again”
I work all day to save the lives of strangers…
I will drop everything and run a code blue for hours trying to keep you alive”
I make my family wait for dinner until I know your family member is taken care of...
I make myself skip lunch so that I can make sure everything that I did for your wife was correct...
I work weekends and holidays and through the night because people don’t just get sick Monday through Friday and during normal working hours
Today I might save your life
How much do I make?
All I know is, “I make a difference.”

"The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease." 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Diamond wishes!

60th Wedding Anniversary. The "diamond jubilee" of love that was meant to be. My parents are fortunate to celebrate their anniversary this week.
Their love began since the day my dad tied the knot to my mom 60 years ago, in their teens. It was an arranged marriage. Even-though they had seen each other once before, they did not have a full picture of each other in their minds. During the ceremony, my parents, as any young couple did not understood the deeper meanings of the vows they were taking. They were in divine language, but they understood that they have be together in good or bad situations. With the blessing of their elders, their bond grew and will last for eternity. They have created memories which will last forever within the depths of their heart.
They have shared wonderful times together and with their family; and wish them to continue to cherish the joy that arises from that. I am sure they are proud to see their three children grow as responsible adults in leading their respective families. We are proud of having you as our parents!
Congratulations on your special anniversary and our heart felt wishes from your children, their spouses and grandchildren. We wish you both a healthy life with peace all around.

"The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret".

-Henry Youngman

Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Women's Day!

Woman play a pivotal role in our life, as mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend. No matter whatever role they play, they shower love and care for others.
Dedicate this Women's Day by watching this amazing art video.