Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The first freely programmable computer was invented in 1936, first high level programming language is FORTRAN, and first computer game was invented in 1962 and so on. I am not a computer professional to elaborate on these.
Computer, what a word, it has become such a common word next to hello, excuse me, sorry, thanks etc. It would not be surprised that even a toddler would know this word. Common people would not care who started it, how it has changed its shape, size or capability it has. A young child is keen to self learn, a teenager is the master of it,  young adults rule it, adults are struggling to master it, senior citizens are striving to enter the main stream. I am one of those though not a senior citizen but the one who has entered the world of computers pretty late, needless to say as I am here now blogging. It reminds me the first day when my husband was trying to teach me how to start the computer and help me play some games and trying to guide me through browsing internet and emailing. I was so hesitant to start and was scared what if I click some wrong button and something would crash. Slowly my kids started playing and then doing wonders on it, I used to say or still wonder who taught them and how did they learn, it is not taught in schools either. While I started learning some of the MS office applications from a local community center, I wondered there were so many elderly people learning for obvious reasons. All the smart learners striving to learn to learn and understand the computer jargon or the techniques what their young children or grandchildren have already mastered. With computers on desk or lap or in hands the basic usage has extended it to internet to email to online shopping to blogging to Facebook, it is just expanding and making a world of its own. Recently, I read that even from space they could use internet to send email and update twitter accounts. What’s next?!
A final word: I am not knowledgeable about computers or its parts; I just follow the instructions and go where ever it takes me.

"Family life is not a computer program that runs on its own; it needs continual input from everyone."
-Neil Kurshan

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  1. It seems, you are a cool dude living in your own world. Enjoy being there, computers and robot will come to you. Times are not too far...


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