Sunday, March 6, 2011


Great attitude leads to great life. Attitude is our trademark, it reflects upon how we think, say and do. It is more important than our appearance, education or skill, it can make or break an individual, home or organization. Attitude, is so commonly talked while addressing about others and so easily forgotten when pertained to self. Our attitude makes us happy or unhappy, in turn it is dependent on how we view at the things or people around us. I think it is more based on how we view life, we jump to conclusion even before thinking well and quickly become upset. I don't have any statistics but there would not be any one who can be happy his/her entire life or anyone who is unhappy his/her entire life.  It is common for us to attach more to unhappiness part of our life. Our own attitudes are responsible for attracting a certain type of situation. We cannot change the past, the people around, the inevitable but we can change our attitude. Attitude can be changed through persuasion and the way we communicate or respond to a situation. Attitude affects our health too, so we need to change as life is short; yes, on average 30,000 days.

View the Power of attitude  for about three and half minutes.

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