Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's Day

March 8th marks the centennial celebration of International Women's Day. Today we celebrate the life of a woman who faces hardships with her inner strength. The battle of genders’ is since ages and will last until humans exist; it varies with the geographic, socio-economic background. No society can exist without women or a family without her sacrifices to make difficult choices to lead exemplary life. It is said educate a women the whole family is educated; she is one who can empower care, has tolerance, understanding, just, and peaceful life to all. Today, women needs to strike a balance while being educated she has to run parallel in two directions, one as nurturing and care giving and the other carrier oriented to hold high positions in corporate world. Women have the willingness to listen, patience to understand, strength to understand with added beauty, what else anybody would need, she is all in one! Try to respect all the women in your life, if not, don’t disrespect her.
Happy Women's Day!

"A woman's guess is much more accurate than a man's certainty."
-Rudyard Kipling


  1. Waw. What an exciting info on Woman's day.


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