Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Zip Zip!

Everyone of us zip the zipper almost everyday. Zipper is a funny technological advance and we cannot compare this simple innovation with big breakthroughs like steam engines, electricity or airplanes. Nobody would have imagined the zipper would remake the world. To create a new thing we need imagination, skill, and faith that it works. Having said this, whoever comes in contact with that novel product has to try it, accept it and find used and other ways to use it. Very soon the zipper transformed into a necessity even before anyone could talk about the challenges in re-creating it for the present day’s use. Now zipper has become an integral part of daily life and it is used naturally in many ways. There are different shapes and forms of zips from coil, metallic, one sided to open ended to close ended. In 1930s zip or slide fastener found its right place in the clothing industry replacing buttons.  We all easily agree that zipper is the first machine we learnt to operate in childhood and mastered upon. Sure, this promotes self-reliance in young children giving them a feeling that they can dress by themselves. Though zipper is less expensive if failed to work the expensive piece would have no value. Zipper can sometimes cause minor inconveniences. Colloquially the word zip is used in many connotations. We often read or hear many anecdotes, satires and jokes around zipper usage. Today zipper is fastened to any material and is everywhere in clothing, luggage and all unimaginable other objects. Not only that, in computer industry we have zip drives that can carry digital media, data and back up any valuable information.

"Of all the things that tax our patience, there is nothing to compare with a stuck zipper."

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