Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How did I earn my first job?

Many of us were thinking wishfully that after we grow up we earn a job so that we don't have to study or do homework. It would be just going to a job, earn money and spend as we like. When I was in high school, I did not have luxury to think like this as my family was traditional and my parents wanted me to get married as soon as I graduate. They were under the impression that if I graduate the groom should should be with a step higher in education.If I was employed what if the would be or in-laws did not agree me to continue with my job. It all looks weird for today's youngsters as traditions and beliefs have changed over the couple of decades. 
     Back to my story, it so happened that my elder brother earned a bank job writing competitive exams. My inspiration to apply for a job stemmed from my brother's success. He always used to advise me that taking competitive exams would be easy for me. As he noticed, I was very much interested in general knowledge and had reasoning skills with sharp memory. Though I liked the idea, I was hesitant to apply as I was very much shy and couldn't dare talk to strangers. Every time my brother visited home for vacation, he used to give motivational lectures to me and eventually convinced me and my dad that I should start applying. I still remember his words, “first apply take the test, pass and see if you get called for an interview. If you get the job, that is the time you can decide.”  
     Once I was 18, I became eligible to apply for a bank teller job. That was during my sophomore year. Finally I applied for the job and decided to take the exam. After a big huddle my dad volunteered to guide me through the preparation and helped me take the exam. I did well in the exam and as expected, I received a call letter for the interview. Since then I started feeling nervous, though I was preparing consciously for the interview. At last the day of interview came in my way. With fingers crossed I was waiting in the lounge to be called into the interview room. When my turn came, I hesitantly went into the interview room; three people interviewed me with common sense questions and some on current affairs. But for one or two questions the interview went on smoothly for me. With lighten heart, I thanked the interviewers and walked out of the hall. In excitement, I joined back my dad who was waiting for me outside. My dad enthusiastically inquired about the process and how I felt. I just said to him that I was relieved and everything went on well. 
     From the next day I was back to routine attending my college. My friends were so happy for me that I was one of the two students from our college who attended the interview. It took months to get the results published, meanwhile I completed my graduation. While I was arguing with my dad that I would take masters degree classes, then came the news that I was selected for the teller job. No bounds to my job hearing the news since it was unique success in my family as a girl. I was thinking to my self that I would be the first girl to go for a job and earn money. I was posted to a small town some 200 miles away from my parent’s house. Then another discussion started, whether to send or not send me alone to unknown far off place. All my friends and  my dad’s colleagues insisted that I should go for the job and impressed my dad with the same. Fortunately my request for change of location worked out well and I was then posted to a place where my aunt lived. That was when my parents agreed and blessed me to go for a job with heads high. I thanked my parents and brother for all the motivation and support in every possible way to earn my first job. My mom and I shopped for buying clothes and accessories. The day of real excitement came that is the first day of my job stepping into a nationalized bank.  

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.”

- Oscar Wilde


  1. Did you bribe to get the job and making up a story around?

  2. No bribes, just with motivation and my general awareness.

  3. This isn't the first time I've heard the story, but it's still amazing how it all worked out for you.

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