Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Living with the gadgets!

Yes, technology is taking us far beyond what we can imagine. We human beings are so dependent on gadgets that we cannot spend a moment without them. Our ancestors lived with the nature, and shared their emotions with people around. Now we see everyone is busy using a gadget or hooked on to it no time for a neighbor. It has become easy to talk to a machine, spend time with gadgets rather than talk to a person next to us. In hall ways, waiting for a ride or in the train station, we see people busy in their own world either on cell phone, texting or checking mail, enjoying their music on iPod, or reading articles or even books on iPad. Everybody is so busy, no time to say “hi or hello” or enjoy the nature or people around. Are we living with humans or the gadgets? We are living with humans with the help of gadgets. During my recent east coast trip I happened to see almost each and every one of them either with some gadget or the other. I felt like, we are dominated by the man made gadgets allover. We may not even know about some gadgets, unless you come across to see them or read about them or someone talks about them or use it. We feel tempted to own it for personal use, or for hobbies or by peer pressure. Depending on your personal or professional interests we tend to master in that particular gadgets. For example photographers would like to know about varieties of cameras, music lovers about MP3 players, ipods etc. We wake up to the morning alarm to check messages on our phones as the first thing and without that our day does not even start. It is true that we have fun with some gadgets and of course some others simplify our life. 
Long ago, I read in USA Today that gadgets usage is based on geographic areas. Ipads are significantly high in use in NY, Amazon kindle in Massachusetts, cameras in Michigan, laptops in Colorado etc. I felt funny to read the statistics. The gadgets we are using today will be become history in less than a decade. Then the environmental question comes up as the landfill is filled with all these electronic gadgets. Recycle is an option but how many would do it. Never mind the new gadgets will be produced with new inventions and with extraordinary usage year after year, putting behind what we would do with the existing ones.

“A new gadget that lasts only five minutes is worth more than an immortal work that bores everyone.”
- Francis Picabia

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