Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sharing experiences

Our success is measured based on education we receive, grades and jobs we earn followed with lifestyle we adopt. Each one of us would like to have the best of these. What if we shared our success and failures with anyone struggling to come up in life? Would this help? Yes, it would. It depends on what the giver likes to share with the receiver. Often we share knowledge in our day to day life. The receiver may think, “I already know this”. Having knowledge is only one part and we are not certain how it applies to us from time to time. More so, sharing real life experiences along with abstract knowledge encourages transformation and builds confidence in others. One may think that somebody has gone through a similar situation and “I am not alone”. We try to explain logically to help the receivers understand. Usually either they can’t understand or even if they understand they don’t want to accept it. If we start sharing anecdotes along with the knowledge, they may slowly think to change gradually. In addition to sharing knowledge, showing grace, love, and affection will immensely help come out of the struggle successfully. By sharing openly and meaningfully with others around us, we can enrich their lives and progress ourselves in the process.

“We can teach from our experience, but we cannot teach experience.”
 -Sasha Azevedo

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