Monday, January 14, 2013

Quiz of the day (51)

I enjoy answering quiz questions. If you are like me, here is a random quiz question of the day in general knowledge for you to answer or else check back tomorrow for the answer.  
Makara Sankranthi marks the transition of Sun from zodiac Saggitarus to Capricorn on January 14. In India regionally the harvest festival is celebrated with different names. Outside India also the festival is given due importance, in the countries like Nepal it is celebrated as Maghe Sakrati. Adapted from this festival with what name does Thailand people celebrate?
a) Songkran
b) Thingyan
c) Thirvah
d) Sundra 
Quiz of the day (50) Answer: c) 1907 (In 1907 Walter F. Palmer, chief electrician for The Times, creates the first New Year’s Eve Ball in response to the ask of publisher Adolph Ochs to create some kind of spectacular midnight show that would draw attention to the Square)
sankranthi quiz-2012 

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