Monday, December 31, 2012

Quiz of the day (50)

I enjoy answering quiz questions. If you are like me, here is a random quiz question of the day in general knowledge for you to answer or else check back tomorrow for the answer.
Most of the world has adopted Gregarion calendar with January 1st as the starting of the New Year. British and its empire, especially United States started numbering it since 1752. New Year is celebrated differently around the world with cake cutting, fireworks, ball drop and local traditions. Do you know when the first New Year Eve ball drop in Times Square, New York happened?
a) 1900
b) 1902
c) 1907
d) 1914
Quiz of the day (49) Answer: d) Sanjaya (With his vision of distant viewing, Sanjaya narrates King Drutharastra (the blind king of Kauravas) the happenings in the great Mahabharata war (between Kauravas and Pandavas) in which the dialogue of Bhagvad Gita happened)

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