Friday, December 28, 2012

What's cooking in my kitchen?

An advertisement caught my eye which read, it has all-in-one. The container states, it has all the essentials required for a complete balanced diet. It has protein worth nearly 3 eggs; 3 slices worth of fiber; probiotics worth 1cup; 3 servings of green; omega-3s equivalent to 3 salmons and antioxidants compensating of eating 3 cups of blueberries. "Wow" all in the form of powder, can have it as a health drink. Probably good for elderly or for a busy individual or may be even for a picky eater.
Though it has everything you need, I personally feel nothing replaces fresh produce. Most nutrients are lost in cooking, sauteing in oil, or even juicing. I can understand it may be a luxury to cook from scratch, for some. I am not a big fan of left overs nor I prefer to waste my food. Since childhood I was trained to eat freshly cooked food. Since ancient times or scientifically reheated is not good for health. I have no statistics but reheated or stored/processed food causes different ailments in our body. Our family is blessed with no allergies or digestive related disorders.
Eating well is to feel well for living well. Eating a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis will give us a new lease on life. It is like a long distance race. Recent statistics speaks that disability has been slowly overtaking mortality. Sometimes a serious health scare prompts us for a lifestyle change. To help my family with healthy diet, new ingredients like, Quinoa has entered my kitchen. Look for my posts from next month to know more about my new now-permanent hosts of my kitchen.
Until then enjoy New Year's Eve parties!

"The only way we are going to reduce disease, is to go backward to the diets and lifestyles of our ancestors." 
-Denis Burkitt

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