Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

“Pithrudevo Bhava” – Father is an essential and the most influential person in our lives. He provides us with care and protection, guidance and support. We rarely thank him for all the love he shows in shaping us as an individual in the society. We are the one who carry the legacy of the family name. Whether we can recognize or not we not only carry the legacy we imbibe his personality, qualities and his lifestyle. We hardly realize that his influence impacts us and unknowingly we pass it on to our future generations. Any individual is lucky to have a father to protect him/her while growing up, most of them may be close to their mother but a dad’s role is unique in a person’s life. He holds you when you cry to show he is there for you, scolds when you break rules to discipline you and is the happiest person on the earth when you succeed.
I have read that, Mother’s Day tradition inspired Sonora Dodd in the establishment of Father’s Day. In 1910 she dedicated her father’s birthday in the month of June as Father’s day, her father a civil war veteran raised 6 children after her mother passed away. Unlike Mother’s Day, it gained gradual momentum and finally President Richard Nixon established the third Sunday of June, as a permanent national observance day of Father's Day in 1972. From USA it has spread to other countries, but Father’s Day is celebrated in various countries in various dates for various reasons.
It is universal fact that the first word we utter is ‘mother’; dads are often the unsung heroes in our lives. He is the person who brings smiles by teaching you first bike, first car, or even being there for you when you are in trouble. Sometimes he may be harsh in words but they are to keep you on right track and make you a good person, which you realize later in your life especially when you become father. As mentioned in my previous posts, I am thankful to my dad who guided me in my studies, in getting me a job and finding me a wonderful husband. I still remember the days he used to take me on his bicycle be it to school, shopping or for his banking transactions. I remember the way he taught me easier way of computing mathematics and required life skills. There are so many things he taught me and guided me so far and still continuing. I know, now it is my responsibility to reciprocate the love, care and guidance my father has bestowed upon me all his life.
As per Hindu epic, Ramayana, a person has five father-like persons in one’s life, his own father, father of the spouse, one’s own guru (teacher), the king (ruler) and elder brother. Father's Day is the day to honor your own father, and all the other men who have played the father figure in your life who are really special. It is the time to let them know how much you love them and care for them. Bring joy to them with a box of happiness. 
Happy Father's Day!

 "A Man's children and his garden both reflect the amount of weeding done during the growing season."
– Anonymous


  1. Since I'm fortunate to share the same father as you, most of these apply to me and you have already put them in a very succint manner!

    I hope to emulate my father and can't wait to see my daughters also view Father's Day in the same fashion!


  2. Couldn't have said it better - the father's influence on his child's life!

  3. Babji,& MeVem thank you for your comments.


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