Thursday, February 21, 2013

International Language Day!

According to UNESCO, out of about 6000 languages no more than 200 have the status of national language. Looking at these numbers, we can see many languages are endangered. 
Language is fragile. Language and culture are intimately linked, language holds meanings of rituals and cultures which is easily passed on to the next generation. The loss of language is more than the loss of transactional communication. For social purposes you may require and so have to learn different languages; that should not stop respecting your OWN mother-tongue, with which you grew up. Don't loose the sweetness of your mother-tongue which is close to your heart.
If your mother-tongue is Telugu (తెలుగు), you will definitely enjoy this video. You may find similar in your languages too.

"Speaking your mother-tongue is not a disability!"
-Colette Grinevald

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