Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August flower

August flower - Gladiolus or Poppy
Flower of the Gladiators
Meaning - remembrance, infatuation, sincerity,
              symbolizes strength of character
Hidden message - Love at first sight
Other name - gladiola or sword lily
Poppy - Pleasure, Consolation, Wealth, Success
Symoblizes - peace (because of opium extracted from them) sleep, and death (because of red color)
National flower - Belgium (red poppy), Bhutan (blue poppy), Poland (corn or red poppy), Republic of Macedonia.
State flower - California (1903)
Happy Birthday to all the August celebrities (babies)! 

                 The Gladiolus Bed
NO fairer sight hath in the garden been
Throughout the summer since the birth of May
Than the tall blossoms which these plants display,
Set among sword-like leaves of lightest green.
Yellow are these, whose ancestors were seen
First in Zambesi forests far away,-
This lemon-pale, this like a sunset ray
When clouds are pink and there is gold between.
But fairest and most graceful of them all
Is this, which was but thirty hours ago
A bud that promised still unseen delight,
And now shows radiance pure and virginal,
Scarce to be equalled by the mountain snow.
Yellow is fair, but fairer still is white. 
-Robert Henry Forster (1867-1923)

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