Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quiz of the day (23)

I enjoy answering quiz questions. If you are like me, here is a random quiz question of the day in general knowledge for you to answer or else check back tomorrow for the answer.  
This would be the last quiz question of this year. With New Year around the corner have fun time and have laughable moments to share. I know we all enjoy being around people who are funny and make us laugh. If somebody says they are coulrophobia, to which kind of ‘funny’ people are they fear of? 
a) clowns
b) humorist
c) comedians
d) jokers
Quiz of the day (22) Answer: d) pentastich 
"Your fingers barely have to twitch,
To scribe a little pentastich,
In lines laid five,
As feet sprout toes,
The pentastich's pattern flows."



  1. clowns - any doubts

  2. I've only ever heard of people being afraid of clowns so my answer is A.


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