Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

“Mathrudevo Bhava”- The universe starts with the mother. Each of us exists on the earth because of one’s own mother. Before we step on to this earth, she does not know who we are while in her womb. Yet, she shows all her love and takes care of us. To her child is the highest priority. All her love is only out of the feeling that the child is only hers. The first word we all utter is mother, whatever language we speak (amma, mom, maa, mayee, mutter, maman, mati, madre). See, every language has “M” phoneme in the word mother in their language.
For a child each day is mother’s day. She is the first blood relative. We learn relationships to others with reference to mother. She acts like a baby, friend, philosopher and guide to us from our childhood to adulthood.  In our teen years we may not realize the importance or the value of the mother. Truly, pretty soon you would realize the importance of her in your life. She is the great source of inspiration throughout our lives. There are many in the world with whom we can share our joy, but mother is the only place where we put our hurts, express deep feelings and share worries.   
Historically Mother’s day is not related to the human mother but related to spiritual mother Goddess, since ancient times. Slowly by the advent of 19th century the celebrations started personalizing with human touch. In USA, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s day for more than a century. Off late, Mother’s day celebrations are exported to other countries from America, though not celebrated on same day. Today we wish moms by sending greeting cards, presenting her with box of chocolates, giving fancy gifts, gadgets or some mom-sake special items. It is a nice way to honor one’s mother. But what mom really wants is something different.  A few nice words would be a valuable gift for her if you speak heart to heart. Funny though, she would give the box of chocolates back to you. She knows that you like them and you end up eating them.  Helping in her daily chores, being on the bedside with her when sick and showing affection in your conversations, are a few things that you can do.  What else a mother can expect from her own child! The child may be rich or poor, famous or infamous, good or bad, high or low in social status; you are the same child to her. Mother and child relationship is a unique sublime bond that every one of us enjoys. Isn’t it?
 My childhood is unique in its own way with my childishness and prolonged illness. Each time I see my face in the mirror I remember my mom for her sacrifice and the care she took. My face would have easily disfigured without her special care. Thank you, Mom. I feel guilty if I stop here with mere thanks. Words would not be sufficient to express my deep feelings about all the good things that she did to me.
We should be grateful to God on this day, the Mother's Day, for sending an angel in the form of Mother to our life. I wish all mothers, A Happy Mother’s Day!
"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever." 
-Author Unknown


  1. another motherMay 08, 2011

    Fantastic, very touching.

  2. AnonymousMay 10, 2011

    agree with the person above, very touching


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